Viva Macau Online Casino Accepts 226 Countries, Not US

Everywhere in the world, individuals can enjoy online casinos such as Viva Macau, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Cherry Red Casino! One of the quickest expanding of new online internet casinos is Viva Macau. Having just opened for company, the Internet gaming operator includes a sportsbook, poker room, and a casino with a variety of on-line slots, video poker, black jack, roulette, craps, baccarat, plus exotic table games.

The site contains over a 100 pages of casino lessons, strategy, and advice. In the few months it has been in operation, Viva Macau has introduced several new and unique slots, plus released a sports betting tutorial.

But , because the United States suffers under unjust laws and politicians that will try to throttle freedom of thought, expression, and life style, Viva Macau is not accessible to U. S. customers.

Two hundred twenty-six countries are listed on the sign-up forms at Viva Macau. China is here. Iranian gamers are accepted. But Us citizens can’t play, because their government refuses them that will right.

Everywhere in the world, people can enjoy on-line casinos like Viva Macau, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. If you are stranded like the Bounty mutineers on Pitcairn’s Tropical isle, pass the time by betting online.

Visiting with Borat? No problem, Web gambling at Viva Macau for residents of Kazahkstan is just a registration form away. Spending time with the sheiks? Saudi Arabia is on the list of countries whose citizens are able to sign up.

Some on-line casinos are brave enough to continue accepting U. H. registrations, including the fine internet casinos listed here at Online Casino Advisory. But Americans must ask themselves why their authorities, in the land of the frree, with liberty for all, tries so hard to block an item available to almost the rest of the world.

Published on November 24, 2008 by A. J. Maldonado

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