Why the name “chat cards”??

playingWe chose chat-cards because card games are very “social”.  Games for fun often have lots of talking and laughing and swapping of stories during the games.  They also involve the people “reading” skills to help you find your opponent’s “tells” (actions that “tell” you whether he is bluffing or not!).

Some people say that card games are best played by liars — and if a person is really good at cards, then they must be a really good liar.  But that is not true.  It is not about the lies – it is about the ability not to get excited or smile or give other hints about your hand.  Think about when someone gave you $100 bill — chances are you smiled.  That is a “tell” — anyone watching you would know you were happy about something that just happened.  Or in the case of cards, you might be happy about what cards you are holding in your hands.

In Casino card games, there is less conversation between players, and almost none with the dealer … and the dealer is the “common enemy” of all the players!  The players are all banded together to beat the dealer, even though the players never share their secrets.

Because money is at stake in casino games, other players often play very seriously, and do not like it when “newbies” take actions that the “seasoned” player doesn’t agree with.  This can affect the game and cause players to jump tables.

Because of that, some refuse to play the table (card) games and prefer to stay on the video poker machines (including the online machines!).  Of course, you lose the social aspect, but you are still playing card games.

And online video poker machines can be played “for fun” — which means free!  Or you can play for real money.  The poker machines are also very good ways to learn the mechanics behind the card games such as pairs, flush, straight, etc., without having any pressure from anyone around you.

Besides the main casino card games, there are dozens of fun card games that you can play with friends and family as well!  No matter which you choose, always remember to have fun!

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